Commission Samples

Bad Moons Ork Boy - Tabletop Level Painting Commission
Bad Moons Ork Boy
Painted to our Tabletop level this Ork Boy is an example of the work we can complete for you.
Mephiston, The Lord of Death - Character+ Level Painting Commission
Mephiston, The Lord of Death
As an important character this Mephiston Conversion was painted to our Character+ level to make it stand out on the battlefield.
The WAAAGH Studios is a professional commission painting service based in the UK. We specialise in painting all types of wargaming miniatures, from Warhammer to Warmachine, to your exact specifications.

No matter your request we guarantee to produce high quality models that you can be proud to put on the battlefield.

If you're interested in having some commission work done head over to the Commissions page to see some of our previous work and then Contact Us with any queries.

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A step by step guide for painting faces.
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A gallery of the studio Grey Knights army for Warhammer 40,000.

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Tutorial: Painting Death Company Armour

For this tutorial we’ll be showing you how we paint the black armour for our Blood Angels army. We’ll be using a Death Company Marine for this tutorial …

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