Here you’ll find a selection of commission projects we’ve completed previously. Each of them has an individual project page you can click on if you’d like to see some pictures of the models involved.

If you’re interested in having us complete some work for you make sure to check out our Commission Guidelines and then go to the Contact Us page to send us a message.

Current Projects

Current Commission Picture 1

Adeptus Custodes Army
Adeptus Custodes - Warhammer 40,000

This commission is to build and paint a large collection of Adeptus Custodes. This will include both the plastic GW miniatures aswell as a lot of the resin FW units.

Current Commission Picture 2

Hive Fleet Empusa
Tyranids - Warhammer 40,000

This commission is to paint a huge hive fleet of Tyranids. Including hundreds of Infantry, multiple large monsters and even some Astra Militarum options for use with GenestealerCult. This is one of the largest projects we've ever worked on.

Completed Projects

Tau Battlesuits Commission
Tau Battlesuits
Warhammer 40,000
Dark Angels Army Commission
Dark Angels Army
Warhammer 40,000
Black Legion Chosen Commission
Black Legion Chosen
Warhammer 40,000
Cadian Shock Troops Commission
Cadian Shock Troops
Warhammer 40,000
Dark Elves Cavalry Commission
Dark Elves Cavalry
Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Tau Patrol Force Commission
Tau Patrol Force
Warhammer 40,000
Eldar Corsairs Army Commission
Eldar Corsairs Army
Warhammer 40,000
Drukhari Incubi Commission
Drukhari Incubi
Warhammer 40,000
Suladân the Serpent Lord Commission
Suladân the Serpent Lord
Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game
Manufactorum Terrain Commission
Manufactorum Terrain
Warhammer 40,000
Reikland Freeguild Guard Commission
Reikland Freeguild Guard
Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Mollog’s Mob Commission
Mollog’s Mob
Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Red Thousand Sons Army Commission
Red Thousand Sons Army
Warhammer 40,000
Blood Angels Army Commission
Blood Angels Army
Warhammer 40,000
Zarbag’s Gitz Commission
Zarbag’s Gitz
Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Tzaangor Enlightened Commission
Tzaangor Enlightened
Warhammer 40,000
Pelennor Fields – Forces of Mordor Commission
Pelennor Fields – Forces of Mordor
Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game
Thundrik’s Profiteers Commission
Thundrik’s Profiteers
Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Chapter Master Shrike Commission
Chapter Master Shrike
Warhammer 40,000
Ylthari’s Guardians Commission
Ylthari’s Guardians
Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Pelennor Fields – Forces of Good Commission
Pelennor Fields – Forces of Good
Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game
Grey Knights Army Commission
Grey Knights Army
Warhammer 40,000
The Hobbit: Escape from Goblin Town Commission
The Hobbit: Escape from Goblin Town
Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game
Gandalf Statue Commission
Gandalf Statue
Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game
Necron Assault Force Commission
Necron Assault Force
Warhammer 40,000
Arvus Lighter Commission
Arvus Lighter
Warhammer 40,000
Space Wolves Force Commission
Space Wolves Force
Warhammer 40,000
Phobos Ultramarines Commission
Phobos Ultramarines
Warhammer 40,000
Tau Ethereal Commission
Tau Ethereal
Warhammer 40,000
Old School Blood Angels Commission
Old School Blood Angels
Warhammer 40,000

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