Mek Shop Highlights

Blood Angel Tactical Marine
Part of a Blood Angels Tactical Squad this Marine is an example of the work I can complete for you.
Skaven Warlock Engineer
A Single Piece Commission, as an important character, this Warlock Engineer warranted extra detail work to make the model stand out on the battlefield.
Project Knight Titan
This project log will document the construction of an Imperial Knight Titan. I aquired one of Big Daddy's excellent resin knight titan sculpts from a trade on Dakka. Sadly though it turns out the model was an unauthorised recast and had loads of mould errors and miscasts but in the end that just means more work for me..

Cleaning and Construction

Project Knight Titan WIP Pic 1

Parts at the start
Here's a picture of all the parts before I started work on them.

There are large amounts of thick flash in many areas and a good number of air bubbles have created holes in the detail work of the model.

I've started the basic construction and have begun filling some of the gaps with greenstuff.