Commission Examples

Blood Angel Tactical Marine
Part of a Blood Angels Tactical Squad this Marine is an example of the work we can complete for you.
Skaven Warlock Engineer
A single piece commission. As an important character, this Warlock Engineer warranted extra detail work to make the model stand out on the battlefield.
A Bit About Me
My name is Alexander Heap and I'm the owner and founder of The WAAAGH Studios. My father first introduced me to wargaming when I was 15 and I've been in the hobby ever since. Over the years I've taken part in a number of tournaments and painting competitions, even winning a few. My battling record may not be the best but my real passion has always been for the painting and modelling side of the hobby.

Originally I set up this website to be my own little corner of the internet where I could share pictures of my models in a gallery and put up tutorials to help others improve their painting skills. However, after finishing university I decided to expand upon this and turn something I loved into a way to provide for myself and my family and with that The WAAAGH Studios was born.

Starting out as just a one man operation I've now been able to expand the studio to include multiple artists.

Need Figures Painted for YOUR Armies?

Here at The WAAAGH Studios we offer a professional Miniature Painting Service and we're always ready and eager to take on any commission work you may have.

The studio's based on the Isle of Man in the UK but don't let that put you off if you're from further afield. In the past we've completed commission work for people all over the world from the USA to Australia and even once to a military aircraft carrier and in each and every case the client's received their models in excellent condition.

We specialize in 28mm scale figures and can paint models from any of Gamesworkshop's game systems aswell as any other model brand out there. If you're interested in having commission work done, or even if it's just to test the water, have a look around the site and make sure to contact us with any questions. We're always happy to reply and endeavour to do so as quickly as possible.