The Road to Glory: Month 4

This series of posts will chronicle the progress of 4 intrepid hobbyists as they embark on the epic journey of building and painting an Age of Sigmar army from scratch. Each month they’ll be painting up new units with the eventual goal of having a full 2000pts force ready for the 2019 Blood and Glory tournament in November.

For Month 4 everyone’s showing off what they’ve got finished recently and going over the 2000 point lists they’re working towards. Lets take a look!

RTG Alex Header

Alex: First up this month I got cracking on some more Daemonettes. With 5 more done I’m at 15 total and another step closer to finishing the full horde of 30.

Alex WIP Picture 1

Along with the Daemonettes I finished off a test model for the Seekers of Slaanesh. I’ve been loving using these in games. They’re not hugely hard hitting but their speed is phenomenal. With a 14″ move, 2D6 advance and the ability to advance and charge they can get almost anywhere on the board turn 1 and are great at tying things up.

Alex WIP Picture 2

I also managed to convert 2 units of Hellstriders with Claw-Spears. I wanted to make these visually distinct from the Seekers while also making them more daemonic than the normal models. To do this I mixed Daemonette parts with some of the Daughters of Khaine Melusai and here’s the result:

Alex WIP Picture 3
Alex WIP Picture 4

As the cheapest Battleline choice and with the same blistering 14″ movement as the Seekers these are a great inclusion in any Slaanesh list. Whether you’re using them as a screen with their big bases or as fast moving objective grabbers they’re always useful in every game.

Speaking of lists here’s what I’m aiming for at 2000pts:

Alex Army List

I always love playing fast moving armies and you can’t get much faster than this! Slaanesh naturally has really high movement but Godseekers + Cogs pushes this up to 11. With +3 to charge you’re reliably getting into combat even after being summoned 9″ away which is amazing for when the Keepers die and get recycled.

So far it’s been performing really well in games but we’re still just learning the rules for AoS. Time will tell how it holds up against more seasoned opponents but for now I just need to focus on getting it all painted!

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 55
Models painted :19
Points completed: 370

Pledge for next month: Next up for me I’m going to be working on the Contorted Epitome which is one of my favourite models from the Slaanesh range.

RTG Paul Header

Paul: Its month four and I’ve assembled and primed all eighty Clanrats and finished thirty. The remaining fifty are in various stages of completion. Overall… I’m feeling confident about getting this hoard army finished in time for the Tournament. 

Paul WIP Picture 1

As a quick recap I’ve finished twenty Stormvermin, thirty Clanrats, six Jezzails, the Arch Warlock and three Warlords. This leaves me with three more Jezzails and the remaining Clanrats to paint (hopefully my sanity will hold out that long). There’s also the Screaming Bell to assemble and finish in the next three months.

Paul WIP Picture 2
Paul WIP Picture 3

As expected the coming month will be dominated with getting the rest of the infantry finished. I’m aiming to have all the Clanrats and the Jezzails completed by the end of month five. This should leave me with time to build and paint up the screaming bell which I want to take some time with as this will be the centre piece of my army. Once that’s all done here’s what my 2k list will look like:

Paul Army List

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 110
Models painted : 60
Points completed: 1220

Pledge for next month: More infantry than any sane person should have on the table. 

RTG Dean Header

Dean: Greetings from the Deep Court.

So a lot has changed since last months update. The pirate theme has gone into kickflip crazy overdrive. How overdrive? Well…. I accidentally painted the Deep Courts Archregent.

Dean WIP Picture 1

You may be asking yourself “Has he got a hat with feathers?” and you know the answer is of course he does. Why would I not commit?

Now you may remember my pledge of 3 Deckdropper conversions and a Varghulf… well they got done. I’m super happy with the mix of retro and modern horror going on between them.

The first model is the Varghulf. This is a pretty easy army choice. He’s always worth a summons no matter what list because the unit’s awesome and I love the look of this conversion.

Dean WIP Picture 3

Next are my Deckdroppers; now these are currently not part of my core list. Why? I have a taste for Ghouls in silly numbers and really want to have some Crypthorror conversions down the line. However they are a highly flexible unit so of course I want them to call upon. Here’s a photo of the finished conversion for one of them:

Dean WIP Picture 2

Whats next?

Well I’ve been sitting on the big works the last two months while I’ve been steadily getting the armies core together.

Get excited folks because it’s going down… for real. Why? Well I’ve finally got a loose idea of my armies endgame. Here’s the 2k list:

Dean Army List

Whats the idea?

Well I like Ghouls and big monsters… and this list gives me the best of both worlds without having to rely on going for the obvious grand court of rampant monster abuse. We all make choices… and for me its Ghouls.

I look forwards to showing you guys how much progress I’ve been making behind the scenes next month.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 38
Models painted : 34
Points completed: 1010

Pledge for next month: 40 pirate Ghouls and a Ghoul King on Terrorghiest in the new theme.

RTG Craig Header

Craig: So this month was predominantly a build month with a cheeky update to some painting on the side. I’ve managed to get built and undercoated, 10 Ironbreakers with their distinctive hand weapons, shields and Gromril Armour, 10 Hammerers with their double handed axes, 10 more of the brutal Irondrakes with their Drake Guns and I also built two Knight Incantors, which will be my spell casters for the force.

I updated the painting on a set of Josef Bugman and his Bugmas Rangers which I have had sitting for around 15 to 20 years now and decided to give them a once over for the Tale of Gamers series. They are a unit which has always been a favourite of mine and being metal they have a lovely solid feel to the miniatures that plastic and resin just does not have sometimes.

So I suppose it’s now onto where I want to take my list.

The initial plan was to go towards a number of large blocks of 20 troop units holding their ground with the Knight Incantors also casting their spells and giving some extra support which the Dispossessed lack.

I have tried this list in a few games now and I have learnt its strengths and some of its shortcomings also.

Therefore I have decided to go for a much different MSU style list to try and use blocking units whilst also utilising the Endless Spell of Lauchon the Soulseeker and the Ancestral Pickaxe to move my units across the board while keeping the Grudgebound War Throng whilst it is still useable. (This gives full rerolls of 1’s to hit for everything in the force.)

I also have Prismatic Pallisades for blocking potential, Purple Sun for extra Mortal Wounds on Hordes and Cogs for extra movement.

Here’s the list as whole:

Craig Army List

Cities of Sigmar being released will undoubtedly change this plan. But as it’s currently unknown when this will get its much anticipated release (Well for me anyways) I’ll carry on as planned.

Let me know what you think of the list in the comments below.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 85
Models painted : 53
Points completed: 900

Pledge for next month: My pledge for next month is to try and get the endless spells built. I’m also going to look at getting some of the units I’ve undercoated finished.

Have you started a new army of your own recently? Got any tips or tactics for any of the armies we’re using? Let us know in the comments.

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