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Bad Moons Ork Boy - Tabletop Level Painting Commission
Bad Moons Ork Boy
Painted to our Tabletop level this Ork Boy is an example of the work we can complete for you.
Mephiston, The Lord of Death - Character+ Level Painting Commission
Mephiston, The Lord of Death
As an important character this Mephiston Conversion was painted to our Character+ level to make it stand out on the battlefield.
Unboxing: Creature Caster Pincer Demon
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Creature Caster have a reputation for highly detailed resin miniatures so when they offered to send us one of their Pincer Demons we jumped at the opportunity.

For this review we’ll be cracking open the box, getting it assembled and seeing how it compares to the plastic Keeper of Secrets from GW.

Pincer Demon Unboxing Picture 1

Within a week of receiving the dispatch notice the parcel had arrived at our studio. Inside was a branded box and some space filling packaging materials keeping it secure.

Pincer Demon Unboxing Picture 2

In the box was a bubble wrap bag containing the model. There were no assembly instructions but it’s a simple build so they aren’t necessary.

Pincer Demon Unboxing Picture 3

The parts were all loose in the bubble wrap but there was no damage or warping and nothing was missing. There was no base included so if you’re intending to use the model for Age of Sigmar or 40k you’ll need to buy one separately.

Pincer Demon Unboxing Picture 4

The resin itself was excellent quality and easily on par with, if not better than, models from Forgeworld. As you can see there were some molds lines, gates and vents that required removal. If you’ve worked with resin models before though this is all familiar territory and easy to clean up with some clippers and a modelling knife. None of the areas required any re-sculpting work.

Pincer Demon Unboxing Picture 5

Assembling the model was quick and easy as it uses a simple peg and hole system. A few of the parts didn’t line up perfectly and required some Green Stuff gap filling but this was only minimal.

Pincer Demon Unboxing Size Comparison

Measuring in at 6″ high the Pincer Demon is a similar height to the plastic Keeper. It’s definitely bulkier but it won’t look out of place if you’re running them together and it’ll easily fit onto a 100mm base.

Final Verdict:

I’d heard good things about Creature Caster prior to this review and they certainly lived up to my expectations. The details are crisp, the casting was nearly perfect and the model went together without any problems. If you’re looking for a big center piece for your army I’d definitely recommend giving Creature Caster a look.

Overall Rating: 8/10

If you’d like to pick up your own Pincer Demon you can do so here:

What do you think of the miniature’s quality? Have you had any experiences with Creature Caster yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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