Tale of Gamers 2020: Month 2
Tale of Gamers 2020 Title

This series of posts will track the progress of 5 courageous hobbyists as they embark on that most epic of quests: To build and paint a Warhammer 40,000 army from scratch! Each month you’ll be able to follow along as their armies grow from bare plastic sprues to fully painted units of battle-hardened warriors. Once the armies are ready they’ll meet on the battlefield to decide who’s worthy of claiming the title of Greatest WAAAGHlord for 2020!

Month 2 is all done and we’ve already had some people fail their pledges! Make sure to give them a good ribbing in the comments (or maybe some words of encouragement but that’s not as much fun!)

Tale of Gamers 2020 Alex Name Bar

Alex: Last month I’d worked on a unit first and then rewarded myself with a character afterwards to keep motivated. That all went out the window this time though! I managed to get hold of one of the Limited Edition Store Opening Space Marine Chaplains and he was far too cool not to work on right away. I did a couple of minor bits swaps to identify him as a Grey Knight and then it was time to get painting.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 2 Alex WIP Pic 1

Just look at that guy! He’s covered in skulls head to toe and practically screams WARHAMMER! It was actually quite a daunting piece to paint, with all the little details, and I ended up working on his arms and the front section all as seperate bits. Breaking parts down into sub-assemblies is a technique I can’t recommend enough and is a huge help when working on complex models like this.

With the Chaplain finished it was time to get cracking on some more Strikes to fill out another Troops choice.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 2 Alex WIP Pic 2

Grey Knights seem like a very CP hungry army so I’m going to be doing 5 squads of these in total to unlock 2 Battalions. I’m planning on keeping the loadout the same on all the squads but I’ve made sure to magnetize the Strikes with Psilencers in case I want to swap to Psycannons or even go full melee in the future.

After they were completed I had a little bit of time left but instead of getting a head start on next month I decided to get a whole other unit finished aswell!

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 2 Alex WIP Pic 3

Okay it’s only some Servo Skulls but that totally counts! I’ll be using these as a unit of Servitors which have the extremely useful ability of being the cheapest Elite choice in the codex at only 20pts for 4. This will allow me to squeeze in a Vanguard Detachment and bring me to 14CP when we reach 2000pts. Perfect for blasting out loads of Psybolts!

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 16
Models painted : 16
Points completed: 418‬

Pledge for next month: Even more Strikes and an Apothecary.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Rhaz Name Bar

Rhaz: Well, I’m pleased to write that I’ve managed to complete my pledge for this month. I’ve kept the colour schemes pretty traditional, keeping to the silver and green of the Sautekh Dynasty. The Necron artwork looks great, and if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

First, I painted up another unit of 10 Immortals, which I’m a bit happier with than the last unit. Practice and more practice really does make a difference; within just a couple of months I feel my painting is getting much better than it was. Although still a long way to go of course, I’m learning new things every time I paint.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 2 Rhaz WIP Pic 1

Next, my final HQ for the army, another Cryptek. I really enjoy painting these guys. Especially the gold and bronze on the cloaks which are quickly becoming my favourite colours to paint with.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 2 Rhaz WIP Pic 2

Finally, the bane of my existence for the last few weeks; 3 Tomb Blades. Well, they are an awesome looking unit don’t get me wrong; but putting the first one together led to a very frustrating evening. After the first one, I was dreading putting 5 of these together but it got a little easier each time. Hopefully the next 3 will go smoother.

For the bases, I’ve made some Necron-y looking ruins out of Greenstuff and some other basing materials which I’m quite happy with. It makes them a little more interesting than the clear bases.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 2 Rhaz WIP Pic 3

Hopefully this month we can get a few 500 – 1000 point games in. I’ve only played one game of 40k so far and am in dire need of the practice! Next month I hope to start work on some of my vehicles, as I have a few of those sat in boxes awaiting assembly.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 28
Models painted : 27
Points completed: 803

Pledge for next month: 1, maybe 2 Doom scythes

Dean: “No plan survives contact with the enemy” A quote which has become apt for the First Legion. I’ve only finished one unit this month; Chappie the Dreadlin. It took a little longer than expected and as always, life had other ideas.

It’s still however one of the top units in my book and not because GW buffed it with game breaking rules. I’ve been a fan since the index, when a Chaplain Dread was just an expansive Lascannon platform you couldn’t target. That alone is pretty solid, its a nice quirk without being utterly over the top. Then of course Codex: Space marines came out and for the first time since 7th I personally felt they’d gone too far.

However, after multiple FAQ’s, that all seems fixed and from what I can see it’s put the dark angels in the middle of the pack with enough quirks to give them an edge.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 2 Dean WIP Pic 1

So whats to come?

Well, I’m moving forwards with the infantry shortly, with the first squad of Intercessors next on the to do list. I’m eyeing up some more units for the coming month aswell. However the predator previously pledged has some damage I haven’t been able to, thus far, repair.

With the codex being built so heavily around Ravenwing, and my dislike for anything on bikes that isn’t either a white scar or yelling “WAAAAAAGH” I’m trying to avoid them, but it does look increasing like a challenge.

I’m carrying on the theme of the First Legion with the new units. Look forwards to some First Legion schemed Primaris Marines over the coming months.

Long term I’m eyeing those Forgeworld releases. Who can deny those new terminators look several shades of absolutely beastly? The preview of the guardians was pretty slick too. All of them look like they’re Captain level miniatures being fielded as a unit.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 3
Models painted : 3
Points completed: 384

Pledge for next month: 5 man Intercessor Squad

Paul: Well I didn’t manage to achieve my pledge for this month, I’m short two Starweavers. Good news is all of the Soaring Spite Troupes are complete! This just leaves 15 Silent Shroud Players which I’ve now assembled and a load of vehicles and HQs to complete, so I might have to pick up the pace a bit as there’s a tournament in May.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 2 Paul WIP Pic 1

On the tactics side of things following a good old 500pt three way with Alex and Rhiannon, I’m certain that three Starweavers carrying players armed with Fusion Pistols are a great choice for this force. Serving as a fast moving high threat unit that will hopefully keep my opponents on the defensive at the start of each game. 

The Soaring Spite Masque is the Key to these units success as it turns the pistols into assault weapons that ignore penalties to advance. This enables each Starweaver to move 22” shoot 5 S8 AP3 shots without penalty, with each wound dropping d6 damage. I can’t wait to meet some IG tanks at the tournament!

For Month Three I’m going to focus on getting the bikes done. I’m looking at painting up all 12 Skyweavers in Soaring Spite colours. If I can manage that I’ll be left with the HQs, my Silent Shroud Players and the Starweavers for the future.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 35
Models painted : 15
Points completed: 291

Pledge for next month: Many bikes – 12 Skyweavers

Tale of Gamers 2020 Rob Name Bar

Rob: So, month 2 has come and gone and 2 more squads of Sniper Scouts have been finished along with another HQ to bolster the ranks, the bone caster Raphi’Key,

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 2 Rob WIP Pic 1

The wonderful world of eBay has been a fruitful site indeed as I’ve located some transfers for my chapter. They’re actually nail art transfers and work a treat! I will be updating my Chaplain and Scouts from month one with them shortly.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 2 Rob WIP Pic 3
Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 2 Rob WIP Pic 2

With the Troops out of the way I have decided to add some speed to the force. Next months pledge will be for the ever reliable, ever effective and amazingly named…. Landspeeder Storm! 2 Transports for my Sniper Scouts will be whizzing around the board. With the Iron Hands abilities they’ll have no minuses for moving and shooting heavy weapons, until that gets taken away as well! So next month will see 2 converted vehicles join the ranks of the Pride of Terra.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 17
Models painted : 17
Points completed: 370‬

Pledge for next month: 2 Landspeeder Storms

Have you started a new army of your own recently? What do you think of the ones we’re working on? Let us know in the comments.

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