Commission Samples

Bad Moons Ork Boy - Tabletop Level Painting Commission
Bad Moons Ork Boy
Painted to our Tabletop level this Ork Boy is an example of the work we can complete for you.
Mephiston, The Lord of Death - Character+ Level Painting Commission
Mephiston, The Lord of Death
As an important character this Mephiston Conversion was painted to our Character+ level to make it stand out on the battlefield.
Here you'll find pictures from our studio armies aswell as some in game shots of the armies on the tabletop.

Army Profiles

Alpha Legion Army Gallery

Alpha Legion
Warhammer 40k
Grey Knights Army Gallery

Grey Knights
Warhammer 40k
Adepta Sororitas Army Gallery

Adepta Sororitas
Warhammer 40k
Adeptus Custodes Army Gallery

Adeptus Custodes
Warhammer 40k
Blood Angels Army Gallery

Blood Angels
Warhammer 40k
Daughters of Khaine Army Gallery

Daughters of Khaine
Age of Sigmar
Seraphon Army Gallery

Age of Sigmar
Neverborn Army Gallery


In Game Shots

In Game Picture 2
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