Commission Samples

Bad Moons Ork Boy - Tabletop Level Painting Commission
Bad Moons Ork Boy
Painted to our Tabletop level this Ork Boy is an example of the work we can complete for you.
Mephiston, The Lord of Death - Character+ Level Painting Commission
Mephiston, The Lord of Death
As an important character this Mephiston Conversion was painted to our Character+ level to make it stand out on the battlefield.
Here are some links that we feel are worthwhile to any wargamer, particularly if you play 40k.

News and Forums

  • DakkaDakka Forums
        Our personal favourite forum for everything 40k and beyond. We can often be
        found browsing the painting and modelling section looking for inspiration and
  • Warseer Forums
        Another good forum for everything 40k based. The painting and modelling section
        here is similarly filled with inspiring articles.
  • Frontline Gaming
        A great site for up to date news and rumours about everything wargaming related.
        They also provide some excellent articles on tournament play and army tactics.
  • The WAAAGH
        An Ork themed website and forum. If you're looking to build something Orky,
        there are some great conversion tutorials in here.

Where to Buy From

  • Element Games
       Providing big discounts on Games Workshop and hundreds of other products
       Element Games is where you should make all your hobby purchases.
  • KR Multicase
       KR use soft foam to prevent damage to your figures and to stop the paint getting
       scuffed or chipped, soft foam for figures and hard cases for soft foam!
  • Dragon Forge Designs
       Run by Jeff Wilhelm, Dragon Forge Designs provide a selection of excellent
       resin bases and conversion parts that no army should be without.
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