Commission Examples

Blood Angel Tactical Marine
Part of a Blood Angels Tactical Squad this Marine is an example of the work we can complete for you.
Skaven Warlock Engineer
A single piece commission. As an important character, this Warlock Engineer warranted extra detail work to make the model stand out on the battlefield.
The Trade In scheme
If you're anything like us then you'll probably have a "cupboard of doom" full of models and boxsets that you're either no longer using or just don't have the time to complete. Our Trade In scheme allows you to transform all of those into a brand new fully painted army that you can be proud to put onto the tabletop.

How does the process work?

- You send us a list of the miniatures you would like to trade in.

- We check over everything and send you a quote with the amount of credit we'd be able to offer for the items.

- If you accept, carefully pack the miniatures and send them into our studio.

- Once we've received the items we'll contact you and confirm your credit.

What can I trade in?

While the Trade In scheme is mostly for miniatures that's not all we can accept.. You can also send in Army Books, Video Games, Games consoles, other electronics and many other items. How much credit you get for these would be calculated on a case by case basis so just get in touch with a list of what you have and we'd be happy to discuss it with you.

How much credit will I receive?

For a current edition, unused, boxset we would offer 40% of the retail value with any other condition being lower. Feel free to message us with whatever you have and we can discuss it. There are always bound to be some "hot items" such as Forgeworld models that will net you more credit than others.

Once a credit amount has been agreed and the items have been received we are not able to return them for any reason. However any credit you do have will always remain on the system so you'll be able to use it at any time in the future.

Credit amounts are not final until the items have been checked over at the studio. In the unlikely event that the models supplied are not as described the credit amount would be altered accordingly.

What can I use my credit for?

Credit can be used to cover 75% of the commission costs (painting, assembly, conversion etc) of any project you would like us to complete. We would still require a 25% deposit to be paid and credit cannot be used to cover shipping costs or purchasing costs for any new models/parts that are required.

Well sign me up!

If you like the sound of all of that then head over to the Contact Us page to send us an email with a list of what you'd like to trade in and we'll take it from there.

Make sure to include a full description of what you're wanting to trade including the condition and quantity of each unit:

- Number of models
- Painted or unpainted 
- Primed or unprimed
- Assembled or unassembled