Commission Examples

Blood Angel Tactical Marine
Part of a Blood Angels Tactical Squad this Marine is an example of the work we can complete for you.
Skaven Warlock Engineer
A Single Piece Commission, as an important character, this Warlock Engineer warranted extra detail work to make the model stand out on the battlefield.
On this the page you'll find some information on the current commission that are underway aswell as a list of previously completed projects that you can view. We've done everything including model conversions, scratch building, painting, and even terrain construction.

Take a look at the projects below and click on any if you'd like to see a log of the work involved. If you're interested in having us complete some work for you make sure to check out the Commission Guidelines section and then go to the Contact Us page to send an email.

Current Projects

Current Commission Picture 1

Age of Sigmar Starter Set
Stormcast/Chaos - Age of Sigmar

This commission is to build and paint the two armies from the starter set for Age of Sigmar.

Current Commission Picture 2

2500pts Grey Knight Army
Grey Knights - Warhammer 40k

This commission is to paint a large Grey Knights army led by Kaldor Draigo. The models will be painted in the normal Grey Knights colour scheme and will include Draigo, 2 Terminator Librarians, 3 Dreadknights, a Land Raider and 20 Paladins.

Current Commission Picture 3

Horde of Orks
Orks - Warhammer 40k

This commission is to build and paint a Horde of 60 Orks including Boyz, Burnaz and Lootaz.

Current Commission Picture 4

Vior'la Sept Tau army
Tau - Warhammer 40k

This commission is to paint an army of Vior'la Sept Tau consisting of Firewarriors, Pathfinders, a magnetized Hammerhead/Skyray and a Cadre Fireblade

Completed Projects

Space Hulk Set
Space Hulk Set
Finished on 14/6/17
Dark Eldar Strikeforce
Dark Eldar Strikeforce
Finished on 25/3/17
Horde of Orks
Horde of Orks
Finished on 9/3/17
Alarielle the Everqueen
Alarielle the Everqueen
Finished on 28/2/17
Black Templar Strike Force
Black Templar Strikeforce
Finished on 20/2/17
Imperial Knight Cadmus
Imperial Knight Cadmus
Finished on 30/1/17
Deathwatch Reinforcements
Deathwatch Reinforcements
Finished on 22/1/17
Ultramarine Tactical Squads
Ultramarine Tactical Squads
Finished on 8/1/17
Malifaux Ortegas Crew
Malifaux Ortegas Crew
Finished on 10/12/16
Deathwatch Army
2000pts Deathwatch Army
Finished on 25/11/16
Dark Angels Land Raider
Dark Angels Land Raider
Finished on 15/10/16
Sonnia Criid Malifaux Crew
Sonnia Criid Malifaux Crew
Finished on 7/10/16
Tyranid Monster Army
Tyranid Monster Army
Finished on 22/09/16
Teal Marines
Teal Space Marines
Finished on 15/09/16
Space Hulk sets
Space Hulk set
Finished on 20/08/16
Horde of Orks
Horde of Orks
Finished on 24/07/16
2500pts Grey Knight Army
2500pts Grey Knight Army
Finished on 28/06/16
Dark Angels Strikeforce
Dark Angels Strikeforce
Finished on 10/06/16
Blood Angels Strikeforce
Blood Angels Strikeforce
Finished on 22/05/16
JTB - Genestealer Cult
JTB - Genestealer Cult
Finished on 12/05/16
Bretonnian Grail Pilgrims
Bretonnian Grail Pilgrims
Finished on 26/04/16
Yellow Space Marines
Yellow Space Marines
Finished on 18/04/16
Dark Angels Strikeforce
1500pts Deathwing Army
Finished on 16/04/16
Thunderwolf Cavalry
Thunderwolf Cavalry
Finished on 6/04/16
AoS - Khorne Bloodbound
AoS - Khorne Bloodbound
Finished on 23/03/16
2000pts Space Wolf Army
2000pts Space Wolf Army
Finished on 18/03/16
AoS - Stormcast Eternals
AoS - Stormcast Eternals
Finished on 25/02/16
Son's of Ultramar part 4
Son's of Ultramar part 4
Finished on 12/02/16
Tau Battlesuit Force
Tau Battlesuit Force
Finished on 30/01/16
Son's of Ultramar part 3
Sons of Ultramar part 3
Finished on 20/01/16
Arjac's Space Wolves
Arjac's Space Wolves
Finished on 11/01/16
Purple Tau Army part 3
Purple Tau Army part 3
Finished on 22/12/15
Just the Basics - Blue White Eldar
Just the Basics - Blue Eldar
Finished on 10/12/15
Heresy Blood Angels
Heresy Blood Angels
Finished on 16/11/15
Ultramarine Strike Force
Ultramarine Strike Force
Finished on 15/10/15
Blood Angel Strike Force
Blood Angel Strike Force
Finished on 20/9/15
Purple Tau Army part 2
Purple Tau Army part 2
Finished on 11/9/15
Army of Light
Army of Light
Finished on 29/8/15
Sons of Ultramar Part 2
Sons of Ultramar Part 2
Finished on 20/7/15
Converted Saint Celestine
Converted Saint Celestine
Finished on 5/7/15
Desert Blood Angels
Desert Blood Angels
Finished on 29/6/15
Desert Blood Angels
1500pts Bretonnian Army
Finished on 10/6/15
3000pts Empire Army
3000pts Altdorf Empire Army
Finished on 21/5/15
Ultramarines Grav Centurions
Imperial Fist Terminators
Finished on 9/4/15
Ultramarines Grav Centurions
Ultramarine Grav Centurions
Finished on 6/4/15
Sons of Ultramar Part 1 Past Commission
Sons of Ultramar Part 1
Finished on 11/3/15
Mephiston Conversion Past Commission
Mephiston Conversion
Finished on 8/3/15
3000pts Purple Tau army Past Commission
2500pts Purple Tau army
Finished on 16/2/15
2000pts British Airborne army Past Commission
2000pts British Airborne army
Finished on 29/1/15
Red Scorpion Characters Past Commission
Red Scorpion Characters
Finished on 5/1/15
2000pts Snowy Space Wolf army Past Commission
2000pts Snowy
Space Wolf army

Finished on 18/12/14
Converted Eldar Guardians and Warlocks on Jetbike Past Commission
Converted Eldar Jetbikes
Finished on 20/11/14
Warmaster Horus Past Commission
Warmaster Horus
Finished on 31/10/14
Word of Blake Battletech Past Commission
Word of Blake Battletech
Finished on 27/10/14
Abaddon and Loken Diorama Past Commission
Abaddon and Loken Diorama
Finished on 13/10/14
Death Korps of Krieg Squad Past Commission
Death Korps of Krieg Squad
Finished on 20/9/14
Space Hulk Terminators Past Commission
Space Hulk Terminators
Finished on 8/9/14
Sevatar Conversion Past Commission
Sevatar Conversion
Finished on 17/8/14
Kor Phaeron Past Commission
Kor Phaeron
Finished on 10/7/14
Just the Basics - Empire Force Past Commission
Just the Basics - Empire Force
Finished on 21/5/14
Lord of the Rings Hunter Orcs Past Commission
Lord of the Rings Hunter Orcs
Finished on 12/5/14
1750pts Iyanden Eldar Army Past Commission
1750pts Iyanden Eldar Army
Finished on 22/4/14
Hunter Orc Fell Wargs Past Commission
LoTR Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs
Finished on 20/3/14
Lava Blood Angels Past Commission
Lava Blood Angels
Finished on 14/2/14
Inquisitor Coteaz Past Commission
Inquisitor Coteaz
Finished on 5/2/14
"Just the Basics"
Space Wolves

Finished on 29/12/13
White and Orange Riptide Past Commission
White and Orange Riptide
Finished on 6/12/13
Dark Eldar Part 2 Past Commission
Dark Eldar Army Part 2
Finished on 21/11/13
Pre-Heresy Ahriman Past Commission
Pre-Heresy Ahriman
Finished on 8/11/13
Just the Basics Vampire Counts Past Commission
Just the Basics Vampire Counts
Finished on 28/10/13
Asterion Moloc and Honour Guard Past Commission
Asterion Moloc and Honour Guard
Finished on 24/10/13
3000pts of Minotaurs Past Commission
3000pts Minotaurs Army
Finished on 20/10/13
Tau Commander Farsight Past Commission
Tau Commander Farsight
Finished on 14/10/13
Lava Bases Past Commission
Lava Bases
Finished on 20/8/13
Fellowship of the Ring Diorama Past Commission
Fellowship of the Ring Diorama
Finished on 22/7/13
Grey Knight Stormraven Past Commission
Grey Knight Stormraven
Finished on 14/7/13
Grey Knight Strike Squad Past Commission
Grey Knight Strike Squad
Finished on 5/7/13
Tyranid Prime and Warriors Past Commission
Tyranid Prime and Warriors
Finished on 12/6/13
Blood Raven Tactical Squad Past Commission
Blood Raven Tactical Squad
Finished on 14/5/13
Desert Blood Angels Part 2 Past Commission
Desert Blood Angels Part 2
Finished on 25/4/13
Converted Terminator Librarian Past Commission
Converted Terminator

Finished on 12/3/13
Tau Recon Force Past Commission
Tau Recon Force
Finished on 12/1/13
Desert Blood Angels Past Commission
Desert Blood Angels
Finished on 28/12/12
Blood Angels Army Past Commission
Blood Angels Army
Finished on 15/11/12
Dark Angel Tanks Past Commission
Dark Angel Tanks
Finished on 25/10/12
Pre-Heresy Ultramarines Past Commission
Pre-Heresy Ultramarines
Finished on 20/10/12
Dark Eldar Army Past Commission
Dark Eldar Army
Finished on 28/8/12
Blood Angel Stormraven Past Commission
Blood Angel Stormraven
Finished on 6/8/12
Death Korps of Krieg Squad Past Commission
Death Korps of Krieg Squad
Finished on 22/7/12
Deathwatch Strike Force Past Commission
Deathwatch Strike Force
Finished on 15/7/12
The Emperor of Mankind Past Commission
The Emperor of Mankind
Finished on 19/6/12
Dark Angels Mark 2 Past Commission
Dark Angels Mark 2
Finished on 15/6/12
Grail Knights Past Commission
Bretonnian Grail Knights
Finished on 3/6/12
Kharn the Betrayer Past Commission
Converted Kharn the Betrayer
Finished on 15/5/12
Converted Talathlan and Masaki Past Commission
Converted Talathlan and

Finished on 15/3/12
Grey Knight Purifiers Past Commission
Grey Knight Purifiers
Finished on 4/3/12
Dark Angels Strike Force Past Commission
Dark Angels Strike Force
Finished on 25/2/12
Frost Ogres Ironblaster Past Commission
Frost Ogres Ironblaster
Finished on 30/1/12
Converted Mangu Timur Past Commission
Converted Mangu Timur
Finished on 12/1/12
Imotekh the Stormlord Past Commission
Imotekh the Stormlord
Finished on 19/11/11
Tervigon Conversion Past Commission
Tervigon Conversion
Finished on 17/11/11
Death Cult Assassins Past Commission
6 Death Cult Assassins
Finished on 14/11/11
Converted Ultramarine Captain Past Commission
Converted Ultramarine Captain
Finished on 11/11/11
More Malifaux Models Past Commission
More Malifaux Models
Finished on 15/9/11
Death Korps of Krieg Army Past Commission
Death Korps of Krieg Army
Finished on 31/8/11
Painting Converted Ork Warboss Past Commission
Painting Converted Ork Warboss
Finished on 17/8/11
Malifaux Past Commission
Various Malifaux Models
Finished on 7/7/11
IG Special Weapon Troopers Past Commission pic
IG Special Weapon Trooopers
Finished on 18/6/11
Skaven Warlock Engineer Past Commission pic
Skaven Warlock Engineer
Finished on 5/1/11