Tutorial: Painting Alpha Legion Armour
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We’ve received a ton of requests asking how we paint our metallic blue Alpha Legion so for this tutorial we’re going to show you just that. Lets get started!

Paints used:

Grey Primer
Army Painter Plate Mail Metal

Army Painter Shining Silver
Tamiya Clear Green
Tamiya Clear Blue
Nuln Oil
Guilliman Blue
Tamiya X-20A Thinner

Equipment used:

H&S Evolution AL Plus Airbrush
Windsor and Newton Series 7 Size 0 Brush

Techniques used:

We’ll be using an airbrush for this tutorial running at 25 Psi. While it’s possible to apply the Tamiya Clears with a brush it will be much more difficult to achieve a smooth result so I wouldn’t recommend it.

We’ll also be using a technique called zenithal highlighting. To do this you spray the model from a top down view in a 90° cone. This creates a gradient where you can see the highlight colour from above while keeping the previous colour visible from below.

Painting Alpha Legion Armour Part 1

1. After undercoating with a Grey Primer basecoat the model with Army Painter Plate Mail Metal.
2. Airbrush a zenithal highlight of Army Painter Shining Silver.
3. Airbrush a zenithal highlight of 50/50 Tamiya Clear Green/Tamiya Thinner
4. Airbrush an all over layer of 50/50 Tamiya Clear Blue/Tamiya Thinner

Painting Alpha Legion Armour Part 2

5. Highlight the edges of the armour panels with Army Painter Shining Silver.
6. Airbrush an all over layer of 50/50 Tamiya Clear Blue/Tamiya Thinner. Be careful not to go too heavy with this as you want to tint the highlights but not cover them up completely.
7. Wash the recesses with Nuln Oil.
8. Glaze the whole model with Guilliman Blue.

With that the armour’s finished. All that’s left to do is pick out the other details, finish the base and then your Alpha Legionnaire is ready for battle!

Painting Alpha Legion Armour Finished

Was this tutorial helpful? Will you be using it to paint your own Alpha Legion? Let us know in the comments.

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