5 Big Changes in the Space Marine Codex you might have missed
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The new Space Marine codex is a huge update with tons to digest. There’s lots of full reviews out there already so we thought we’d do something a bit different and showcase a few changes that are easy to miss but will have a massive impact on the game.

Space Marine Codex Art

1: Re-rolls to Hit

From Eldar Flyers to Plaguebearers and Caladius Grav Tanks negative to hit modifiers are everywhere in 40k. However thanks to a one word difference Marines have just got some big help in dealing with them.

Space Marine Codex Hit Roll Change

Re-rolls have now changed from “failed hit rolls” to just “hit rolls”. What this means is you’ll no longer have to remove 2s and 3s if you’re -1 or -2 to hit. Instead you can just re-roll anything. If you’re playing a Chapter like Imperial Fists you could even re-roll successes and fish for those 6s to hit.

2: Null Zone

Null Zone is a game winning psychic power with the downside that it’s unreliable to cast and difficult to get in range but this has all changed now.

Space Marine Codex Null Zone Change

Not only has Null Zone dropped down to Warp Charge 7 (6 if you’re casting with Tigurius) making it much easier to cast but it now targets units instead of models. Previously it was possible to only cover part of a unit but then your opponent would just take his saves on the unaffected models.

There’s also a brand new way of getting your Psyker into range thanks to the Impulsor allowing disembarkation after it’s moved. With a 14″ move, 4″ disembark (within 3″ + width of base), 6″ move + advance and then 6″ aura on the power you’re looking at a potential threat range of 36″ and you can do that Turn 1.

3: Infinite Relics

Relics can turn a generic character into a combat monster or provide crucial army buffs but they’ve always been limited in the number you can take.

Space Marine Codex Relic Change

Gone now is the cap of 2 relics for 3CP. You’re now able to take as many as you’re willing to spend your CP on and there’s definitely some great ones to choose from! The Teeth of Terra is particularly good as it’s changed to a flat 3 extra attacks instead of D3.

4: Aggressors

Aggressors got some big buffs with +1 wound and attack and with all their shots they love the new Doctrines. However one of their most impactful changes is actually more subtle.

The wording on their shoot twice ability has changed from “their turn” to “this turn”. As you’ll be firing Overwatch on your opponents turn and thus haven’t moved “this turn” you’ll almost always be firing twice. With Doctrines adding AP -1 and potentially even Overwatching on 5+ if they’re Iron Hands that’s some serious charge deterrent!

5: Stratagem Targeting

In the previous codex a lot of stratagems like Kill Shot or Datalink Telemetry were locked to specific unit names. While these are now gone the new ones have changed to targeting Keywords making them much less restrictive

Space Marine Codex Stratagem Change

Want a Leviathan Dreadnought halving all damage it takes or perhaps a Whirlwind Scorpius firing 3 times in one turn? All that’s possible now.

Space Marine Codex Fight Twice Change

Similarly Honour the Chapter has changed to target an “ADEPTUS ASTARTES unit” instead of an “INFANTRY unit”. This means you’ll be able to fight twice with your new powered up Bike Captain or even Roboute Guilliman himself where previously this wasn’t possible.

Final Verdict:

It’s safe to say that the old Space Marine Codex was mid-tier at best. This new Codex however is a game changer. Marines will still die just as quick as they always have but their offensive power has gone through the roof. Seeing Space Marines across the table from you is going to be a scary prospect now!

Competitive rating: 5/5

What are you favourite parts of the new Space Marine Codex? Spotted any other subtle changes that’ll have a big impact? Let us know in the comments.

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