Building a Battlefield: Part 3

Well it’s been a while since my last update, sadly real life and some other projects had to be dealt with and this got pushed out but I am happy to say I am back with a bang! Enthusiasm is back to 110% for this most crazy of boards!

So I’ve actually had a super productive month and I’ve been able to get most of the board built now. As I said in the last update one of the jobs I wanted to do next was to get the trenches done and give the Bastions some love.

Using the same technique as on the Landing pad I have taken 2 of the bastions and raised them. This gives the board a little more character and will tie into the main rock in the centre. I just think it adds a little drama when you can raise things up and break up the otherwise very flat board. To start painting I’ve undercoated them all black but you can already see the rock effect starting to show through. I’m never sure what gaming value these things bring but from a visual perspective they do add something special.

Next up was getting all of the Trenches ready for painting. I have a real love & hate thing going on with the Wall of Martyr trenches. I love the “Trench” parts (by which I mean the tread plate base and the inner walls of them) and I really like the Eagles and skulls etc etc used to create gold firing shields. It’s 40k Grimdark mixed with a little reality and I really do love that look. What I detest though (strong word but valid here) is the skeletons they have scattered around it. Now I know this is the whole premise of the Wall of Martyrs but they are probably some of the worst casts GW have ever done. Maybe that’s the plastic they used in these models (which is terrible in this whole range) or just the sculpting itself but they just take what looks cool and makes it look completely crappy. So given the theme is old and overgrowing but still functional I have been able to create grassy sections around where those were with modelling clay.

To blend into the mat these will be covered with static grass. This should give the trenches an appearance of being maintained but having been there a long time. I’ve done all of the trenches and this includes some modifying to fit around the newly based Bastion. All are now undercoated Black ready for painting as well.

The network all slots together like a dream and I’m already seeing all the grass and weathered gold effect in my head. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the painting already.

But before I do this I have a couple of little finishing touches to get done. Namely the bespoke Bastion doors and the steps to the raised bastions. These add no gaming value at all but without them would make me feel like the board wasn’t finished. Or as my mate says, things no one but you ever notice…which is somewhat right I think.

So next update will just be showing these bits off and my first painted Fortification. I’m going to eat the Elephant and get the Aquila Strongpoint done so big update to follow soon as I am fully back in the project again! Nothing like doing the biggest bit first to see how you like a scheme I guess!

So catch you next time 😀


What sort of terrain do you usually play with? Do you have a gaming board you’ve made yourself at home? Let us know in the comments.

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