Tale of Gamers 2020: Month 3
Tale of Gamers 2020 Title

This series of posts will track the progress of 5 courageous hobbyists as they embark on that most epic of quests: To build and paint a Warhammer 40,000 army from scratch! Each month you’ll be able to follow along as their armies grow from bare plastic sprues to fully painted units of battle-hardened warriors. Once the armies are ready they’ll meet on the battlefield to decide who’s worthy of claiming the title of Greatest WAAAGHlord for 2020!

COVID-19 might have the world on lockdown but we’ve still managed to get some hobby done this month. Self isolation did mean that everyone had to take their own pictures though so prepare yourself for some expert photography!

Tale of Gamers 2020 Alex Name Bar

Alex: I started off this month working on an Apothecary who’s one of the stand out units for Grey Knights. He’s got the stats of a Space Marine Captain but can cast a Psychic Power and heal himself or another Character every turn. All that for 75pts! I’ve magnetized his weapon options so I’ll likely have him armed with a Nemesis Daemon Hammer most games.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 3 Alex WIP Pic 1

After the Apothecary it was onto another Strike Squad. However I got a bit distracted and only managed to get 3 of them done this time.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 3 Alex WIP Pic 2

I’d been spending some time reading the backstory for the Grey Knights, looking for inspiration, and I came across the entry for Grand Master Mordrak in one of the old Codexs. This guy not only survives the planet he’s on being fusion-bombed but his psychic presence is so powerful the souls of his dead companions become tethered to his and can even manifest and defend him when he’s threatened.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 3 Alex WIP Pic 3

This just sounded far too cool not to include in my army so armed with a Draigo model and some Terminator bits I spent the rest of the month working on a conversion for him.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 3 Alex WIP Pic 4

With Mordrak leading my force it gives me a great opportunity to paint up some Terminators in a spectral colour scheme to represent the bound souls of his former companions.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 21
Models painted : 21
Points completed: 705

Pledge for next month: Finish off the third Strike Squad and work out how the heck I’m going to paint some Terminator ghosts.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Rhaz Name Bar

Rhaz: Well, this really has been an odd few weeks what with the big rona, but I’ve just about managed to complete my pledge, 1 Doom scythe. The possible second one that I planned isn’t 100% complete unfortunately but I managed to get two vehicles assembled and ready for painting which will be my pledge for next time.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 3 Rhaz WIP Pic 1

The colour scheme is pretty much in unison with the rest of my army, with the dark green and light highlighting. I added a bit of black to the body of the vehicle to mix things up a bit. Painting a larger model was a new experience for me as I got to try my hand at using an air brush for the first time. I ended up with more paint on myself than the actual model, but, well practice makes perfect. The base had quite a lot of free space so I created a little battlefield diorama using up some left over models and weapons which have been sat in a box for quite some time.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 3 Rhaz WIP Pic 2

So last month I said I had hoped to play some 500 point games, which we did manage a couple of before Covid-19 decided to arrive on the Isle of Man. I don’t think we will manage any more for a while yet unfortunately, but hopefully, we will have plenty of time to get more painting done.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 31
Models painted : 28
Points completed: 963

Pledge for next month: 1 Doomsday Ark, 1 Doom scythe

Tale of Gamers 2020 Dean Name Bar

Dean: So lets address the elephant in the room. I think it’s fair to say Month 3 has gone according to no ones plan. With the touch of the Plaguefather doing the rounds globally we’ve all had to adapt. It’s given me a focus on the hobby at least. I hope however, reader of this post, you’re well.

Times are strange. I’ve gone above my pledge this month by adding the new Captain to my ranks. A great miniature, a joy to paint, and a total badass in the 1st scheme.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 3 Dean WIP Pic 1

I’m not to worried about his role on the tabletop as I’ve long since moved to painting units I like over a competitive build. I’ve also completed the first unit of Intercessors. I’ve added the chequer scheme I loved from the HH art and I think small uses make it pop.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 3 Dean WIP Pic 2

That brings the total to: +6 models finished +190pts finished. So whats next? Well now the world’s changed the amount of time I have outside of work has actually increased. It’s forces me to pick a smaller count list. Roll in the Deathwing! I’m pledging just a single squad this month but the aim is to get three full units by the end of the tale so I can use a legal Elites Detachment. Each unit will be different, with a combination of kitbashes one being the classic dark vengeance models! I’m not ashamed to say I loved those models when they came out. I only wish they’d stuck with simpler poses for the Sgt and Assault Cannon models.

Until next time, the emperor protects.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 9
Models painted : 9
Points completed: 574

Pledge for next month: 5 man Deathwing Squad

Tale of Gamers 2020 Paul Name Bar

Paul: For Month Three I’ve managed to complete 552pts worth of Skyweavers which I intend to field as two units of six bikes. These units were a bit more of a challenge to put together than I anticipated as each individual bike (plus riders) is over 30 parts!

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 3 Paul WIP Pic 1

These units are going to be key to harassing my opponent. They’re equipped with Haywire cannons which can melt vehicles with mortal wounds and Zephyr Glaives for taking on heavier infantry with -2AP and 2 damage with three attacks from each bike.

The key benefit for skyweavers is the Rising Crescendo rule, universal to all Harlequin units, coupled with the Souring Spite trait. This allows them to  fall back in my movement phase and still be able to advance, shoot and charge without penalty.

If positioned well I should be able to charge an enemy unit,wrap it, and prevent my Skyweavers from being shot in my opponents turn and then, after falling back, I’ll still be able to shoot key units in my subsequent turn and charge and wrap another unit.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 3 Paul WIP Pic 2

For Month Four I’ll be looking at completing some characters. (I’ve got a total of 9 in this years army) I’m going to take a break from the purple and gold of the Soaring Spite Masque and work on the Dreaming Shadow Death Jesters and Silent Shroud Solitaire.  

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 47
Models painted : 27
Points completed: 843

Pledge for next month: Some badass characters

Tale of Gamers 2020 Rob Name Bar

Rob: Month 3 has come and gone and I have myself 2 vehicles! Land Speeder Storms customized to suite my army feel of hunters and stalkers. Armed with Multi Melta’s these bad boys zip around, getting scouts into place deep in enemy territory and offering some heavy fire power in the process.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 3 Rob WIP Pic 1

Aptly named “Warthogs” they can move up to 18” which will put them in nasty range for some face melting shots! I took a bit of the concept from a comic book hero’s vehicle that is iconic as well as black. (The marines kicked the scouts out of the vehicle as they wanted a turn to drive it at break neck speeds).

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 3 Rob WIP Pic 2

It was fun to paint and I’m currently working on the bases, which leads me to next months pledge. Next month sees an addition of some heavy fire power in the form of a Redemptor Dread! Converted to match the feel and theme of the force.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 3 Rob WIP Pic 3

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 19
Models painted : 19
Points completed: 569

Pledge for next month: A Redemptor Dreadnought

Have you started a new army of your own recently? What do you think of the ones we’re working on? Let us know in the comments.

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