Tale of Gamers 2020: Month 4
Tale of Gamers 2020 Title

This series of posts will track the progress of 5 courageous hobbyists as they embark on that most epic of quests: To build and paint a Warhammer 40,000 army from scratch! Each month you’ll be able to follow along as their armies grow from bare plastic sprues to fully painted units of battle-hardened warriors. Once the armies are ready they’ll meet on the battlefield to decide who’s worthy of claiming the title of Greatest WAAAGHlord for 2020!

The world might still be on lockdown but that’s not stopping us getting our hobby in. We’re 4 months in now and everyone’s armies are starting to take shape so lets see what additions they’ve made this month.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Alex Name Bar

Alex: First things first this month I got cracking on the last couple of members of the third Strike Squad. Now that they’re done I’ve got a full Battalion detachment ready for whenever we’re able to start playing some games again.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 4 Alex WIP Pic 1

With those out of the way I started working out how I was going to paint some Terminators to look like ghosts. I looked up lots of Nighthaunt tutorials online and settled on using very thinned Nihilak Oxide as the base colour. As it’s me and I seem to hate making things simple for myself I decided to forgo the usual speedy drybrushing and just edge highlight EVERYTHING. Add in some glowing red eyes and a suitable Force Weapon colour and I think we’re onto a winner.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 4 Alex WIP Pic 1

When working on a full army project it can get a bit tedious doing the same paint scheme all the time so it’s nice to branch out with little things like this to keep the motivation going. There’s also the added bonus of making it really easy for my opponent to tell the units apart if I’ve got multiple squads of Terminators. *Spoiler Alert* There will be. Terminators are awesome!

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 24
Models painted : 24
Points completed: 796

Pledge for next month: Get cracking on some more Terminators.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Rhaz Name Bar

Rhaz: Well we are still in lock down, and still managing to get some uninterrupted painting done as there is not much else to at present. This month, I’ve completed my first Doomsday Ark:

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 4 Rhaz WIP Pic 2

It’s a very odd- looking model and a little weird to assemble, but I definitely think its one of the best Necron vehicles so having a few of these in my army is a must. They are one of the few Necron units with some nice range, so the aim is nerf as many enemies as possible. I’ve still got two more of these buggers to assemble and paint so hopefully they will be effective in competitive play. 

My final model this month is my 2nd Doom Scythe so far, with three to complete in total to take advantage of a nice Necron stratagem in which three Doom Scythes together get to do a nice attack on a bunch of enemy units. I’ve been having the most fun basing these vehicles, this time I’ve got another unused Warrior chilling next to a very deconstructed space marine;

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 4 Rhaz WIP Pic 1

I had planned to splatter some Blood for the Blood God technical paint on the ground, but I couldn’t source any in time unfortunately so the final touches will need to be added when online orders recommence. I’ve got some interesting ideas for the basing for my final Doom Scythe which I have pledged for next month, so we shall see how that turns out.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 31
Models painted : 30
Points completed: 1283

Pledge for next month: Some more Tomb Blades and a unit of 10 Immortals.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Dean Name Bar

Dean: I’m starting to appreciate having this pledge as a deadline as I think time has lost any real meaning.. This month I sat down and planned my next three units, including the pledge.

The order lockdown stunted some of my plans but opened new opportunities for others. However much like last month I hope readers of this post, you’re well. The recovery is all kinds of paces in every country.

This month I’ve kept it simple. I’ve finished my first unit of Deathwing Terminators in the hopes one day GW will make Terminators great again.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 4 Dean WIP Pic 1

I do find myself wishing that land raiders were a little more functional and competitive. I love the models but at £50 a pop for a unit who’s been consistently under-ruled and overpriced to push Repulsors isn’t going to meet muster.

Next up is the whats next?

I’m pledging just the marine heroes Space Marine Captain and after that I’m working on the following months single squad and a Librarian. The squad is bringing the classic assault cannon to the field. The librarian is also the last metal model GW produced as I find it’s design superior to the clip fit librarian currently in the marine arsenal. Yeah, I’m going for some weird mix of armours.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 14
Models painted : 14
Points completed: 771

Pledge for next month: Terminator Captain

Tale of Gamers 2020 Paul Name Bar

Paul: For Month Four I’ve managed to complete two Death Jesters and the warlord Shadowseer. Overall I’m pleased with how they turned out considering the death jesters are mostly base coated with the citadel contrast paints and finished with some hard highlighting. The Shadowseer has painted using the soaring spite scheme I’ve been using on the jet bikes and players from previous months.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 4 Paul WIP Pic 1

The Death Jesters were originally going to be used for harassing heavy infantry squads, but following the release of the White Dwarf supplement their role has changed to supporting the Jet bikes and footslogging players by using the new humbling cruelty trait to deny overwatch.. 

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 4 Paul WIP Pic 2
Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 4 Paul WIP Pic 3

For Month Four I’ll be working on three Starweaver transports, the Solitaire and the last Death Jester. This will leave me with 15 Players and 3 Troupe Masters left to paint to get me to the full 2000pt tournament list. 

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 51
Models painted : 31
Points completed: 1123

Pledge for next month: 3 Starweavers a Solitaire and another Death Jester.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Rob Name Bar

Rob: Well month 4 has been and gone and the Land Speeder Storms have been upgraded with their bases.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 4 Rob WIP Pic 1
Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 4 Rob WIP Pic 2

Also, as promised, the converted Redemptor Dreadnought has been added to the force for some crowd control and packing a punch! I give you the Mighty Rhi-demptor!

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 4 Rob WIP Pic 3
Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 4 Rob WIP Pic 4

This was a treat to convert. Almost all parts are from the easy to build model from the conquest range. With some added bits box bits it really brought my vision to life.

Tale of Gamers 2020 Month 4 Rob WIP Pic 5

I gave the base some extra love to really add to the army feel. For the 5th month I am adding some additional unseen fire power in the form of 2 Thunderfire Cannons with some, yes you guessed it, converted tech boys to operate them.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 20
Models painted : 20
Points completed: 730

Pledge for next month: 2 Thunderfire Cannons

Have you started a new army of your own recently? What do you think of the ones we’re working on? Let us know in the comments.

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