The Road to Glory: Month 1

This series of posts will chronicle the progress of 4 intrepid hobbyists as they embark on the epic journey of building and painting an Age of Sigmar army from scratch. Each month they’ll be painting up new units with the eventual goal of having a full 2000pts force ready for the 2019 Blood and Glory tournament in November.

Month 1 has come and gone so lets see which armies everyone’s chosen and what they’ve managed to get finished.

RTG Alex Header

Alex: When initially planning this series I had a lot of trouble deciding which army I’d like to start. Back when the game was still Warhammer Fantasy I used to play Dark Elves but just re-basing those didn’t seem in the spirit of a Tale of Gamers. Luckily the choice was made for me once the Wrath and Rapture box was revealed. The new Fiends from there look amazing and as soon as I saw them my soul was given over to Slaanesh (*Don’t try this at home*)

With any new project I always like to start with a test model so I can nail down a colour scheme and that’s exactly what I did here:

I wanted to keep the scheme quite traditional but the skin actually took a few passes before I got something I liked. Eventually I settled on a basecoat of Dechalla Lilac, area highlights of 50/50 and 75/25 White/Dechalla Lilac and then a final highlight of pure White.

Once all the painting steps were decided on I then started work on the rest of the unit.

With those all finished I had just enough time left to get a Herald built and undercoated so I had a head start on next month.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 11
Models painted :10
Points completed: 100

Pledge for next month: Paint the Herald and get 1000pts built so we can start playing some games!

RTG Paul Header

Paul: Originally I’d planned a Horror filled Tzeentch force but with the release of the new Skaven Battletome I decided to take the Clanrat legions out of storage and start re-painting and re-basing my 150-ish infantry.

I sorted out a rough army list aiming to use as much of the collection in the cupboard as possible. The core of the army will be a Claw-Horde battalion using one unit of 40 Stormvermin and two units of 40 Clanrats. After all an army isn’t an army unless it has 100+ models on the table.

Based on the copious amounts of infantry I’ll be fielding I’ve decided to make use of the Clan Verminous ability to get multiple command traits to support the troops. This month I’ve painted up three Clawlords one of which will lead the Claw-Horde.

Seeing as I’ll be painting loads of identical models in the coming months I put the three Island of Blood generals back in their box and opted to purchase the new plastic Clawlord, Spiteclaw from Shadespire and the classic Queek Head-Taker. These are great looking minis and having three very distinct models will also help me remember which lord is which during battle.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 3
Models painted : 3
Points completed: 300

Pledge for next month: I’ve managed to buy some old school metal Jezzails from a friend for character & monster hunting so I’m aiming to paint them up along with a metal Ikit Claw. In the background I’ll also be cracking on with removing 120 square bases…

RTG Dean Header

Dean: I’ve always had a complex relationship with Warhammer’s swords & sorcery armies. In the Old World I had a few armies of interest; the Vampire Counts, the Ogre Kingdoms, and during the End Times, the menagerie of Nurgle Daemons. However with Age of Sigmar I’ve struggled to find my groove.

Originally I debated Chaos and was interested in taking a horde of Darkoath barbarians. They’re unlikely to see a big release for months though so it made them a tricky army to choose. I also debated Beastclaw Raiders but again found myself not really digging the limited unit options.

Which brings us to the present and the re-release of the Flesh Eater Courts. Initially I wasn’t sold until I got a glimpse of the lore. I really liked the courts of Bretonnia vibe that runs throughout the army. The idea of gallant Flesh Eater knights eating some poor soul amused me and with the new hero being awesome I was in.

I haven’t got a final army plan yet but there are definitely some must paint units. This includes a bare minimum of 80 Ghouls, a Terrorgheist and various gribblies. With the army decided I got started on a test unit who I’m pretty sold with.

I’ve also had chance to do some light conversion work on my Terrorgheist King. Hopefully he’ll be putting in a showing next month.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 11
Models painted : 10
Points completed: 100

Pledge for next month: I’ll be building at least 20 more Ghouls and aim to paint them. I’m also going to try to finish the first Ghoul King and perhaps start doing my knights conversion work.

RTG Craig Header

Craig: I’ve been playing with Dwarf’s since about 3rd Edition Fantasy. I sold so many classic metal Dwarf models a number of years ago and it was, honestly, my biggest regret in a wargaming career that has spanned 24 years now.

So when Alex asked me to be a part of his Tale of Gamers project I thought it was a great time to start my Dwarven hold over again. Albeit a Dispossessed warband for Age of Sigmar this time round.

Month one I decided to start with something I love. The classic model Burlok Damminson with the fist. He’s got some great old world lore behind him too. Next up was the Warhammer quest Slayer. A model I’ve owned for about 15 years and never painted.

Finally for month one I painted some Iron Drakes. Probably one of the strongest units in the game for Dispossessed and a good base to build an army around.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 12
Models painted : 12
Points completed: 400

Pledge for next month: I’ve got a plan for some battle line units so I can start getting some games in with a fully functioning army.

Have you started a new army of your own recently? Got any tips or tactics for any of the armies we’re using? Let us know in the comments.

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