The Road to Glory: Month 2

This series of posts will chronicle the progress of 4 intrepid hobbyists as they embark on the epic journey of building and painting an Age of Sigmar army from scratch. Each month they’ll be painting up new units with the eventual goal of having a full 2000pts force ready for the 2019 Blood and Glory tournament in November.

We’ve just finished Month 2 so it’s time to see how everyone’s army has grown and if they managed to complete their pledges.

RTG Alex Header

Alex: First things first I need to take a moment to say just how awesome the new Slaanesh release is. All of the models look epic and I can’t wait to start checking out the new Battletome. I definitely picked the right time to start this army!

The first thing I did this month was break open the two copies of Wrath and Rapture I’d bought and get enough models built to start playing some 1000pt games.

Alex WIP Picture 1

Everyone’s still getting their forces together but I did manage to get in two games against Paul and some of his old Tzeentch models. We were mainly focusing on learning the rules so it wasn’t competitive but my Slaanesh force was brutal! Everything was so fast it was easily getting into combat turn 1 and the poor Pink Horrors got overrun.

Next up I started painting the Herald I’d finished building last month.

It was a nice change to be able to focus on one model instead of a whole unit. Batch painting is great but sometimes you just want to work on one thing and really spend some time on the details. In fact I enjoyed it so much I spent the rest of my time painting an Infernal Enrapturess aswell.

Alex WIP Picture 3

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 43
Models painted :12
Points completed: 370

Pledge for next month: I’ll be painting the new Fane of Slaanesh terrain piece next. I’ll be using that at every points level so it makes sense to get it done now. I’ll also be poring over the new army book and trying to come up with some devious tricks and combos.

RTG Paul Header

Paul: Well I learned last weekend that I made the right choice in supporting the Great Horned Rat. Following two disastrous training games against Alex’s Slannesh I learned that Horrors aren’t the best choice against an army that can turn one charge 90% of your army!

So this month I’ve completed two units of Warplock Jezzails. Hopefully in future games the 30” range with a big screen of Clanrats should give me more options against fast moving melee units.

I’ve also managed to assemble a metal Ikit Claw which will serve as a supporting warlock engineer. He’ll help protect and buff the Jezzails as they hunt down the key units of the enemy force. I was considering fielding him as a fully qualified Arch Warlock but to me the points don’t seem worth the risk of him potentially blowing up in a ball of green warpfire on turn one.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 10
Models painted : 9
Points completed: 580

Pledge for next month: With the Jezzails and Clawlords complete I’ll be starting work on the bulk of the Claw-horde. I’m aiming to complete Ikit-Claw and 10-20 Stormvermin in month three.

Also I’ll be looking to get get the majority of the Clanrats assembled so I can get some much needed practice in and hopefully bring a few glorious victories for the Vermintide!

RTG Dean Header

Dean: Ahhh the month end has come again.

Well the King and his Ghouls are putting in a showing. I’ve now painted 20 additional Ghouls and the Bat King.

Dean WIP Picture 4
Dean WIP Picture 3

It’s a pretty fun process involving Deathguard Green, Athonian Camoshade and Nurgling Green to get the basic colour going but I feel it works.

Dean WIP Picture 2
Dean WIP Picture 4

The Vampire Lord is converted to some extent but only when I came to transport it did I realise it’s probably not going to be flying with me. What does this mean for my heroes? Well keep an eye on the next stage of design to find out.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 31
Models painted : 31
Points completed: 700

Pledge for next month: Next month is one endless spell and the ghoul scenery piece for me.

RTG Craig Header

Craig: So the first month I decided to go a bit character heavy with a single unit of 10 Iron Drakes, a Lord and a Slayer. This month I decided to complete my three battleline units to make the army playable for matched play.

I’ve completed 10 Longbeards, a very versatile buffing unit for Dispossessed.

Craig WIP Picture 1

10 Ironbreakers, probably one of the most durable units in Age of Sigmar.

Craig WIP Picture 3

and 10 Hammerers, a very hard hitting unit with multiple attacks each and wounding on a lower than average 3+.

Craig WIP Picture 2

These should give me a good backbone for my force when I get games going and a solid base to boost from too.

Army Progress:

Models assembled: 42
Models painted : 42
Points completed: 800

Pledge for next month: Next month I’m back to characters with a Rune Priest. This will give me another good buff character.

Have you started a new army of your own recently? Got any tips or tactics for any of the armies we’re using? Let us know in the comments.

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