Tutorial: Painting Blood Angels Armour

For this tutorial we’ll be showing you how we paint the armour for our Blood Angels army. We’ll be using a Primaris Infiltrator for this tutorial but you can follow the same steps for any Blood Angel unit. Lets get started!

Paints used:

Grey Primer
Mephiston Red
Khorne Red
Evil Sunz Scarlet
Abaddon Black
Wild Rider Red
Troll Slayer Orange
Lahmian Medium

Equipment used:

H&S Evolution AL Plus Airbrush
Windsor and Newton Series 7 Size 0 Brush

Painting Blood Angels page 1

1. After undercoating with a Grey Primer basecoat the model with Mephiston Red.
2. Using thinned Khorne Red shade the recesses and lower areas of the armour.
3. Using a 25/75 mix of Khorne Red/ Abaddon Black pin wash the recesses of the armour panels.
4. Glaze highlight the upper volumes of the armour with a 50/50 mix of Mephiston Red/ Evil Sunz Scarlet.

Painting Blood Angels page 2

5. Edge highlight the armour with Wild Rider Red.
6. Edge highlight the highest areas of the armour with Troll Slayer Orange.

With that the armour’s all finished. Now all that’s left to do is paint the rest of the details and your model will be ready to hit the battlefield.

Painting Blood Angels Finished

Did you find this tutorial helpful? Will you be using it to paint your own Blood Angels? Let us know in the comments.

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